Schnizzie is an all natural, sparkling cocktail made with premium vodka infused with real fruit. Our premium vodka is distilled from sugar cane and infused with real strawberries, sweetened with light agave nectar (an all natural sweetener) and carbonated for that sparkling taste!

Everything about the product is made in America; the vodka, glass, labels, caps, capsules, cartons, etc. Our slogan “Designed in NYC” comes from two parts. Every aspect of this product was created & designed in New York. The second part was to incorporate Shannon’s past fashion experience, passion and love for New York City in this product.


Shannon, the Schnizzie creator, worked in the Manhattan fashion industry for 10+ years as a buyer, then account executive as well as a merchandiser. Although she loved everything about the city and her job, she wanted more and always dreamed of owning her own business.

Once upon a drink, Shannon created a special vodka mixed drink. It was an instant hit with her friends and family. She decided to call it, Schnizzie, after one of her nicknames. On a beautiful beach day a few years later, Shannon and her family were talking about how delicious the Schnizzie was and there was nothing like it on the market. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a Schnizzie at a party, on the beach or by the pool without the fuss and pressure of creating the mix?!

Bringing Schnizzie to the market meant focusing on using quality, all natural ingredients in a gluten free manner. Creating a product that was all American made was an important component. In a way, it represents the American dream; making a wonderful, prosperous life for yourself, starting first with a dream, applying hard work and lots of passion.